Thursday, November 5, 2009

Matchmaking and Dating Tips for Women: Wing Man Event.

Matchmaking and Dating Tips for Women:
Wing Man Event.

It's called the wing man event. What you do is hold intimate dinners between eight and twelve people and host them at your apartment or house. You control who attends, by the friends you ask. Make it clear that everyone brings a friend apprpriate for the evening.

These are people who have similar interests and taste as you. Stay in your circle, age range, education and interests.

Here is how it works like a charm. In order to insure the ratio of men to ladies is the same, you simply ask each single friend to bring a member of the opposite sex.

This friend could be an ex boy friend who was not for you but might be for one of your single girl friends.

Like women attract like men, so it's a perfect way to create your own custom designed market.

Serve food that they have to assemble like a buffet style. This takes the focus away from meeting someone, to navigating down the food line.

It's easier if you create as many conversation areas as possible. This puts the focus on the food and opens up interaction. I have used tacos, pasta, and sushi.

Hold a dinner party the first week of every month and rotate your friends so you are always meeting new men.

Set up a free online newsletter notifying each person who attends, so you always have a fresh and new group of men you are meeting.

That's the Matchmaking and Dating Tips for Women tip for the week.