Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Matchmaker Says Do This

Just like "Simon Says," your matchmaker says do this.

When I was on the beach this weekend, there were many singles and couples walking their dogs.

I was watching the interaction of the dogs, and was amazed. As a new dog came to the beach, it ran up to the other dogs and began "checking them out." It was sort of cute.

Then, I began to wonder as a matchmaker, why weren't all the single people who were walking their dogs interact as freely. Not one of the dog owners asked each other their names, started a conversation or made any attempt to meet. Why not?

My advice as America's top matchmaker is this. No matter where you are, if you see someone you want to meet, just go up to them and begin a converation. If you read my two books, you will see there are a dozen or so great pick up lines for you to use.

As humans, we are not going to bite like dogs might. It's low risk and possibly high reward. You just might find the perfect mate.