Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Janis Spindel, eHarmony, Tinder & Hinge Report

Janis Spindel is a professional matchmaker and author of two national bestselling books on love, relationships, and marriage. Janis has interviewed tens of thousands of men and women to find out exactly what they are looking for in a mate. She is responsible for over 1,000 marriages. Carly Spindel is Janis’ daughter and a dating expert. She is responsible for over 79 marriages.

Dr Warren, founder of eHarmony, is a clinical psychologist and author of eight books on emotional health. According to a 2012 U.S. survey conducted for eHarmony by Harris Interactive, he designed a program called 29 Dimensions of Compatibility and is responsible for nearly 4% of U.S. marriages. eHarmony is the first online dating service to use a scientific approach to matching highly compatible singles. eHarmony is committed to helping singles find love with over 20 million registered online users.

 Carly Spindel and Janis Spindel have noticed that online dating apps, such as Hinge and Tinder, have become very popular. Tinder was launched in September 2012 by Co-Founder Justin Mateen. It uses Facebook profiles and gathers basic information and analyzes users social graph to match potential candidates most likely to be compatible based on geographic location, number of mutual friends and common interests.

Based on results, the app allows users to anonymously like or pass them by swiping or taping. If users like each other, Tinder opens a chat. In July 2014, online security firm Symantec warned that Tinder is suffering from a number of different spam campaigns using fake profiles. As a current Tinder user, this information is very concerning to me. According to an article on Forbes online on July 1, 2014, co-founder and former VP of marketing, Whitney Wolfe, filed a sexual harassment and sexual discrimination suit stating that Justin Mateen had engaged in discrimination and sexual harassment.

Wolfe says CEO Sean Rad witnessed and condoned Mateen’s abuse. Wolfe resigned from Tinder in April 2014. She says she was bullied into resigning by Rad, who told her otherwise he would fire her in a way that would affect her future job prospects. IAC has suspended CMO Justin Mateen from his position and acknowledges that Mateen sent messages containing in appropriate content.

As a current Tinder user, I am curious why both CEO’s participated in this kind of negative and sexist behavior. According to a Forbes article published on July 1, 2014, Wolfe, who had dated Mateen, says he called her a “slut,” a “gold digger” and a “whore,” among other things, and hounded her for details about her personal life long after the two had stopped dating.

Hinge is a dating app that doesn’t have any negative allegations against its CEO or marketing team. It even confirms it’s responsible for happy relationships and marriages. It was created by Justin Mcleod and matches users with Facebook users that you're connected with through mutual friends. According to a Business Insider Interview with Mcleod that was published on June 9th, 2014, Hinge does not plan on competing with Tinder. Mcleod says that Tinder is much more geared towards people around you right now, and therefore it’s pretty flirtatious, it doesn’t lead offline very often, and when it does, it seems to be a little more geared towards hookups.

As a current Hinge user, I find the profiles of the men on Hinge to be more professional and attractive than Tinder. Technology is so unique. People forget that everything incriminating done on cell phone, iPad, or a computer can be traced. According to the online blog valleywag.gawker, Snapchat, whose CEO, Evan Spiegel, was sending raunchy and chauvinistic emails to his fraternity brothers at Stanford around the same time he was hatching plans for his disappearing-photos app. The online blog cites very discouraging sexual emails from Spiegel that makes one curious if he respects women or just uses them solely for sex. One might even wonder if Snapchat was created so Spiegel and his fraternity brothers could send women and each other inappropriate pictures.

 It’s a good thing that Tinder and Hinge have not created a feature that has the ability for photos to disappear - especially since Tinder is rumored to be a sex app. While both Tinder, Hinge, and eHarmony are based on current technology, they lack the personal touch associated with matchmaking.

Janis and Carly Spindel use a more hands on approach. They meet with all men and women and learn about their passions, likes, dislikes, and hobbies. They’re famous for helping people fall in love. Matchmaking Lottery Course 526